Studio 5 The Walled Garden
Long Lane, Wrington
North Somerset,
BS40 5SA



Bill Moore  











Bill Moore established Moore Pottery in 1993. He produces a range of contemporary stoneware pottery from his studio outside Bristol. The pottery is all hand thrown and glazed in his unique manganese gold glaze, running over either a blue , white or green glaze.

After taking a B.A. Hon's in ceramics at the University of West of England, Bill served an apprenticeship at the Poterie de Bourzolles, South France. Living and working in France and more recently travelling in New Zealand have been a great source of inspiration for the pottery and the work he produces today.

Another source of inspiration comes from the problem solving in the making process, from throwing the clay onto the wheel, to the application of the glaze and the firing. There are so many processes to be considered and thought through. The form of the pot is most important, looking at the balance of line in relationship to the different elements within the shape, the rim to the foot ring.

The pebble water feature design originated from an idea born one day when Bill found an isolated beach in the South Island, New Zealand where other people had stacked pebbles into columns. Bill added his own column or own piece of sculpture. On his return, he built on this idea and has added the element of water to make the water features he produces today.